Hi there, I’m Davi, Edmonton Visual Artist, Photographer and Videographer.

I use visual storytelling through photography and drawing to explore emotions, identities, relationships and nature. My creative process begins within the pages of my sketchbook, where I conceive and nurture the themes and concepts that will later come to life in my photographic works.

I draw inspiration from an eclectic blend of influences: Impressionist painters' use of light and color, Surrealism's dreamlike narratives, and Jung’s exploration of the subconscious mind, which offer a rich palette of symbolism.

At the heart of my artistic quest lies an earnest desire to unravel the intricate web of human experiences surrounding concepts such as vulnerability, fear, identity, and feminine and masculine energies. I aim to peel back the layers and delve into the personal and intimate meanings these words hold for myself and others.




Creative Projects